Stress-free Diabetes Management

For Patients, Carers and Health Care Professionals (and now pets!)

Patient-specific predictive analytics for diabetes management

Gain better control of your diabetes without being connected to a device

Prediction and Coaching

Predicts blood sugar levels hours ahead. Coach gives points for correct doses, suggests changes to fix bad doses, and advises on which health care checks are missing.

Dose Calculator
Dose Calculator

Calculate doses. Track insulin remaining to avoid over-dosing. Tells precisely how many carbs to eat when too low, and how long to delay eating when too high. Minimizes damaging glucose variability.

Health Care Team
Health Care Team

Share data live from the PredictBGL dashboard to your Health Care Team's Portal. Share from T1 kids at school or from T1 teenagers out partying, to concerned parents at home.

Integrate data
Plug in Devices

Integrate data from diabetic devices, fitness devices, health trackers, wearables and online health aggregators to refine predictions. Open API.

Stress-free Diabetes Management and Better Quality of Life for Patients AND Carers

Giving Confidence to People with T1, T1.5, T2, Gestational and LADA Diabetes

The ability to see the future predictive data is profound.

HumanAPI investor

PredictBGL has helped reduce my daughter's A1C from 9.5% to 8.2% in just a few months. Multiple weekly Highs have changed to once fortnightly, and overnight Hypos are gone.

Mum of T1 child (A1C 7.4%)
Victoria, Australia

I have learned more of how to manage my BGL from PredictBGL than any other source. The data helps me understand MY system - which is different to others and PredictBGL lets me tailor it to ME. My DR still tells me things that are opposite my data. I believe my data, and believe this program empowers me to identify trends and causes and effects that even Dr's do not understand.

Cindy C (A1C 6.4%)
Adult with T1.5 and MS
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