Welcome to the ManageBGL API

The ManageBGL API allows you to build the power of ManageBGL directly into your app. The API provides methods to read and write from ManageBGL securely, so your users can bring all their diabetes data with them to your app. Any changes they make will be saved back to all their computers, tablets and mobile phones. You'll also have access to unique and powerful features such as sharing, prediction and analysis.

Why ManageBGL?

Our API is THE standard way to record and manage diabetes information in the cloud - in a uniform, non-vendor specific format. Via the API, it's accessible from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices. By using our API, not only will you make your app more powerful and easy to use, but you'll be broadening your audience to the thousands of people who are already using ManageBGL. We've provided sample implementations for a variety of desktop and web platforms to make integration simple, and a REST API so you can be sure that your app will work with ManageBGL no matter what you're developing in the future.

What next?

Keep going to create your first API app as well as find sample apps for Microsoft Excel, PHP, etc. For questions about how ManageBGL would work with your app, feel free to contact us.

ManageBGL for Developers

Harness the power of ManageBGL to connect your app to almost any computer, smartphone or tablet, plus the web.

  • Easy online storage for diabetes data - scalable and in the cloud
  • True cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and the web
  • Simple sharing of diabetic data across devices