We believe diabetes self-management can be far better with the information we already have

ManageBGL provides cutting-edge tools for managing diabetes that NO OTHER SYSTEM provides. ManageBGL sets new standards of care and best practice in diabetes management. How it works. 

ManageBGL can reduce your A1C by 1.0% (e.g. 8.0% to 6.8%), and is designed for people with Type 1, Type 2, 1.5, Gestational and Pre-diabetes.

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Here is how ManageBGL can help you...


Predict where your BGL will be hours from now! Predict Hypos and Highs, and see what effect your insulin is going to have. Copes with Time Zone changes, Active Insulin and multiple Factors (exercise, stress etc), so you always know how much insulin is on board, and can eliminate the stacking of insulin that can lead to hypos.

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Bolus Calculator

The Bolus Calculator tells you how much insulin to have for the Carbs you eat, and to correct any high BGLs at the same time - just like a pump, but more accurate, with unlimited targets, unlimited carb ratios and insulin ratios all day. Includes customizable factors for Stress, Exercise (3 impact levels), Sickness, Adrenaline, Pre-menstruation and Alcohol.

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ManageBGL's Coach provides suggestions for major differences between actual BGLs and predicted BGLs. Coach suggests how much insulin or carbs were missing or extra, which ratio to change, and in which direction. This is extremely useful for people who use ratios to manage their intake, such as those on intensive regimes, or those using DAFNE. Coach also identifies patterns of High or Lows over 2-3 days, even if your meter does not support this.

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Log BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels), Carbs (Low, Medium and High GI foods) as well as Hypo recovery foods (Very High GI) and Pizza (Very Low GI), Insulin (all bolus and basal insulins), as well as other readings like A1Cs (old and new measurements), Blood Pressure, multiple factors and more. Edit logs just like a spreadsheet with in-place editing.

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Chart active insulins, active carbs and BGLs. No more 'join the dots' charts or smoothed curves - we know your BGL does NOT act like that. Fully interactive charts - Add or Edit logs just by clicking on charts.

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Low price

No hefty price tag of $5000 - $8000! The biggest bang for buck of any diabetes product.



ManageBGL integrates data from multiple diabetic devices in the cloud. Import data from any meter or pump or management system (Glooko, Diabass, Diasend, SIDiary), and export data back to any management system. New API for integration with other services.


Share with other carers

Share with other carers - Live. This is not fax or email - this is real time sharing, as it was meant to be. Tele-health - remote doctors can monitor inpatients and outpatients. Share Logs, Notes and Charts with teachers, school nurses, other parents (for sleepovers) by email address or by sharing code! No more log book is required for school teachers or nurses - and all data is recorded and available instantly online - from your PC, Mac, iPhone or any other Smart phone. Emergency contact details can be quickly recalled.

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Share with diabetes management team

Share with your diabetes management team - Live (this is not fax or email - this is REAL sharing, absolutely LIVE). Permanently Share Logs, Notes and Charts so your team can review your readings, offer suggestions and can make remote changes to your settings (such as your Insulin to Carb ratio).

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Easy for diabetic families

Caters for Families. If you are unlucky enough to have more than one person with diabetes in your family, ManageBGL is here for you. It's the only system that allows easy switching between members of the same family e.g. an adult and a child with diabetes, or multiple children with diabetes - no separate login is required. ManageBGL also copes with 0.1 and 1/2 units of insulin for paediatric use!

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Points system

Reward Points. ManageBGL gamifies diabetes management with an extensive points system, which helps independence-seeking teenagers stay on track, while allowing parents to supervise without nagging.

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Food database

Did we mention the online Food database? 7,000 food items at your fingertips, from brown rice and lentils through to chocolate bars.

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Gives suggestions and warnings

Intelligent suggestions, warnings and notes based on your readings, and these are linked to our extensive online Resources for more background information - so you can read up if you have forgotten, or re-read to catch up with best practices.

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Automatically incorporates fitness and exercise data from FitBit, FitBug, HealthVault, iHealth, Jawbone, MapMyfitness, Misfit Shine, Moves, Nike Fuel, RunKeeper, Withings and more!

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