Designed for people with T1, T2 and Gestational Diabetes, ManageBGL makes lowering A1Cs child's play

ManageBGL is an advanced online insulin dose calculator with visualisation, dose coaching, prediction, live sharing and a reward system.

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Visualise future blood sugars without psychotropic drugs! Perform What If? experiments on dose changes, on High/Low GI foods, on injecting before/during/after eating, on delaying eating until blood sugars normalize.

Differentiate expected Highs from unexpected Highs, and only make dose changes for unexpected Highs.

Follow Coach's directives to guide dose changes, ensure medical checks are done, and identify patterns in blood test results.

Coach's tips help independant teenagers stay on track. Gain reward points and stay in Coach's good books!

Book a session with our online Diabetes Educators for a tune-up.

Share data live, so parents can monitor their child at school, help teachers to learn and give them confidence. School camps and sleep-overs? No problem. Share with other carers
Predict dangerous low blood sugars hours ahead, making nights far less stressful. Display hypo alerts on wearables such as watches, bracelets and glasses. Predict
Punch in the Blood Sugar and your Carbohydrate estimate, and the Advanced Bolus Calculator provides an exact dose. Eliminate insulin stacking that can lead to hypos.

Set factors for Stress, Exercise (3 impact levels), Sickness, Adrenaline, Pre-menstruation, Pain and Alcohol (hopefully not at the same time).

Bolus Calculator

Import and integrate diabetic data -- including FitBit, Jawbone, Nike Fuel -- directly into the prediction model. Lower the risk of overnight hypos.

Use our API to integrate data from any device, or from 60+ diabetic devices and Apps, including Glooko, Diabass, Diasend, SIDiary, CareLink & CoPilot.

Triage or remotely monitor inpatients and outpatients in real-time with our Patient Portal - for Hospitals, Clinics, Aged Care, HCPs and Schools.

Perform tele-health consultations with regional patients, and securely make remote changes to patient dose settings.

Recent highlights:

Oct/2014 - Final 20 interviews for StartMate accelerator
Jul/2014 - FitnessSyncer integration for live fitness data
Mar/2014 - Awarded $50,000 grant by Victorian State Government
Nov/2013 - Invited to Stanford University Diabetes Congress
Dec/2013 - World Diabetes Congress / International Diabetes Federation stand - we were overrun!

and coming soon...

ManageBGL iOS and Android app


We believe diabetes self-management can be far better with the information we already have.

We just have to get more intelligent about HOW we use it.

That's where ManageBGL steps in.

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